AUGUST 19 & 20

72 Player Cap. Don’t miss out.

Pre-registration will be made available on June 20, 2017, cough, we mean June 22nd.


Oof, we capped in 3 hours. Matty is pleased.

Soo… who would have thunk?

We didn’t anticipate this would cap so quick(well, Lobo did), so we’ll be working to make things right with all you who are waiting to hear back.

We’ve got a waitlist in place, but we’re going to need to know you’re committed. We’ve got a $25 waitlist fee, that will be refunded to you or applied to your registration in the event you get in. We really hope we can get you in.

Click here for mountainy wait-list goodness.

There are a few people on the registered list who we’re added that might not be able to commit this weekend, so those spots will get filled by wait-listers and the handful of people we didn’t hear from after we noticed the cap creeping.

Fact: We aren’t going to increase the player cap past 80.

We don’t want to cram the tee boxes with people, we want to make this a great experience. Having more players seems like the way to go, but that doesn’t mean anything. The only numbers that count are the scores at the end of the tournament, and the number of high fives we get for hosting a great event.

Again, this isn’t common for Alberta. But then nothing the ARMy does is common.

We’ve got 2 months to plan, you never know what we might come up up. Stay tuned, don’t give up hope. Send Lobo an email:

Matt Riordan – Tournament Director
Lobo – ccmcburney – Assist Tournament Director